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Unlike Canadian tax law where taxation is dependent upon place of residence, US tax law is based on US citizenship and not what country the US citizen resides.  In other words, US citizens living in Canada must file with the US tax service using Form 1040NR every year to report all income (unless an exemption is applied for and granted by the IRS) … plus US citizens must prepare a Canadian T1 return since anyone resident in Canada has to file.  Luckily double taxation can usually be avoided due to the tax treaty between the two countries.

To aid US citizens living in Canada, there is a two month extension granted for US filing (to June 15).  Given the Canadian tax filing deadline of April 30, this provides time for determining the necessity of claiming the foreign tax credit on the US return.  JBS BUSINESS SERVICES is here to help you with your Canadian T1 preparation.  However, we cannot prepare US tax returns.