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JBS offers DISCOUNTS up to 50% on T1 personal tax returns for … seniors (60+), spouses and other dependants, students, job seekers (unemployed), multi-year (late) filers, government credit filers, and proprietors



JBS is independently owned and operated by me, Ron Clarke, and I have staff working beyond tax time.  Beyond? … Yes, JBS is OPEN 12 months a year to support you, especially when it comes to CRA issues.  On this point, we have seen a 50% increase in CRA reviews over the past several years as every government in the world pursues tax revenue. ANYTIME during the year we are as close as a phone call or email … or stop in for a chat.  In fact, a home visit to a client by JBS staff can be arranged if needed.

JBS T1 Tax Return preparation fees?

This industry is too competitive to over charge, and taxpayers are savvy consumers.  JBS earns and retains its clients based on our customer service and quality outcomes at a competitive price.

The preparation of a basic return is $75.  By the way, that fee doesn’t change after March 31!  Come any time during the year and have a basic tax return prepared for $75 … and JBS never charges an e-file fee.  We do have a small surcharge for a paper filed return (tax years prior to 2013), but I believe that makes more sense then charging for the simple transfer of electronic data to CRA.

Depending on the complexity of the information that has to be reported to CRA, the final preparation fee may scale upward from $75.  The majority of returns are prepared for $100 to $125 and many discounts are offered such as 10% for a new client, spouse, or senior at 60+, and up to 50% for students.

Can JBS do the job ?  Why not ask my clients ?

I want you to know that I take customer service very seriously, so I sought feedback on our 2017 tax season preparation service just as I do after every tax season.  A random selection of clients received a “Client Satisfaction Survey” and as per usual I experienced an amazing return rate … 31.2% of the surveys were completed.  I would like to share the results so that you feel confident in having JBS prepare your taxes.

_________                                                                  2016 Tax Prep      5 Year Running Average

  1. I was treated professionally by JBS staff.                 3.96 / 4                           3.84 / 4
  2. My return was completed on a timely basis.            3.96 / 4                           3.84 / 4
  3. My return was completed accurately.                       3.92 / 4                            3.84 / 4
  4. My return was explained to me clearly.                    3.84 / 4                            3.72 / 4
  5. I received fair value for my cost.                                3.68 / 4                            3.68 / 4
  6. I will bring my business back to JBS.                       4.00 / 4                            3.84 / 4
  7. I will recommend JBS to others.                                3.80 / 4                            3.76 / 4

… I hope these statistics speak for themselves.

Verbatim comments offered on the surveys, or in person, collected over the past years:

Crystal Ludwar … “Again, thank you so much Ron. I started out frustrated with the reassessment but now I’m very thankful for your support and amazing customer service.”

Sarah & Darren James … “I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the help that you have given us with our three years of tax returns!”

Amy & Hans Den Biesen … “Thank you so much.  We got the refunds you suggested we could get.”  

John & Lois MacMaster … “In our original meeting with Ron our treatment was so good that we decided we would never go anywhere else. Last year we didn’t see him. It was not necessary because that original meeting with him was that impressive.”

Heather Croll … “Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.  I like the smaller “local” company.  Happy I found you and feel confident in the decision to come to JBS.”

Chris Hawkes … “We love coming here. Everyone is professional and explain things to us.  I recommend you to others.”

F. Martinuk … “Being a new client I was treated excellent. They went out of their way to have my taxes done on such short notice.”

K. Kearney … “Fast, reliable and always courteous and friendly service. Keep up the great work!”

Karen Wiltse … “Friendly helpful staff and free advice even outside of tax time.”

Deb Nelson … “It’s so worth it to me to have JBS do my taxes. It’s convenient and gives me great peace of mind.”

Larry Reid … “I’ve done them for years.  I’m tired of the hassle and making mistakes.  JBS gets them right for me.”

“Professional service.” “Staff is very cordial.” “Prompt responses to any questions or concerns.” “Friendly professional style.” “I like the staff. They treated me well and didn’t make me wait.” “Your professionalism.” “Professionalism.” “Excellent job 🙂 Thank you!” “Great service. Thank-you!” “Professionalism.” “Business hours that agree with my hours.” “Professionalism.” “Personable staff.” “Being willing and helpful with questions and business problems throughout the year.” “Kind staff.” “Returns calls in a timely manner.” “Professionalism.” “Personable and approachable.” “Honest advice :)” “You folks do a really good job.” “Told me to include medical costs and it made a big difference, thanks.” “Excellent service.”  “Kept us informed.”  Friendly professional staff.”  Professional service.”  “Very impressed on how quickly our returns were done.”  Very timely.”  “Welcoming office.”  Thanks for the speed and efficiency.”  “When you make a mistake, you take responsibility.”  “It’s all good.”  “We felt appreciated and were treated professionally and kindly.”  “Courteous, friendly staff.”  “Prompt.”  “Great service.”  “Early openings are convenient.”  “Professional and courteous staff.”  “Very friendly, fast and efficient service.”  “Thank you for the fast and accurate service and the pleasant staff.”   “Service has notably improved over the years.”   “Ron himself takng the time to meet with us was appreciated. His receptionist is helpful, efficient, skilled.”   “Friendly service and free professional tax advice.”   “Very nice people.”   “Pleasant service.”   “Kudos to the customer service.”  “Travelling to my home for signatures was greatly appreciated. Thank you!”     “Friendly service.”     “It’s an effortless system for me.”     “JBS staff allow us to be comfortable and confident in our dealings with them.”     “The staff are very helpful.”     “Friendliness.”     “Keep up the good work.”     “My return was completed quickly.”     “Thank you for your help this year and every year with our taxes.”      “Friendly, prompt service.”      “Courteous and efficient service.”      “A good job!”

Any my favourite …  “Ron should get a haircut.”


JBS gets it right … or we MAKE it right !

In effect, each return is done twice at JBS since it is fully reviewed by my senior preparer.

Despite our 96% accuracy rate, we at JBS do not presume this level of accuracy means we are “perfect” … so when we do make a mistake, please rest easy.  We will make it right and if additional tax is determined to be payable due to our error and deemed late in remittance to CRA (although we will not assume the tax liability) JBS will pay the interest and penalty charges to a maximum of the cost you paid for the preparation of your tax return (assuming you have let us know of the situation on a timely basis).

Big bad bully calling ???

If CRA should review or audit your return, we are here to help you throughout the year.  Although we cannot offer legal advice, we can respond on your behalf to CRA requests for supporting documentation and other information, attend with you at a personal CRA auditor visit, and even prepare a Notice of Objection and/or Tax Payer Relief form.  The fee for these services are reasonable, and in some cases … FREE.

Tax Tip:  If you choose to file a Notice of Objection, it must be completed within 90 days of CRA’s reassessment.  Applying for Tax Payer Relief is not so time sensitive but remember that interest continues to accrue on your taxes payable balance, so don’t procrastinate!

By the way, you don’t have to be a current client of JBS for us to help you out.  In fact we have many a taxpayer walk through our door who has never been here before, with a CRA letter in hand – many not satisfied or not confident with their original preparer, or have discovered that their preparer’s office is simply not open year round … and CRA won’t wait!

Would a 2nd set of eyes be comforting ?

JBS offers FREE reviews of any previous tax returns that have been prepared elsewhere and filed with CRA.  We will be a set of professionally trained eyes looking for the obvious … and the NOT so obvious.  And if something is discovered, we will discuss with you on how best to remedy the situation and if that involves asking CRA for a reassessment, JBS will complete at T1 Adjustment  upon your direction.  This can be done for your seven previous tax year filings.  Visit us 12 months a year to discuss this opportunity for a CRA reassessment.